Term Life Insurance

Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Department
Office of Insurance Product Regulation and Market Enforcement
1311 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120
(717) 783-5079 (P)
(717) 787-8555 (F)

Our Mission:
  • Promote a competitive marketplace for consumers
  • Educate consumers to make informed decisions
  • Assist consumers to assure that they are treated fairly in compliance with PA laws
  • Regulate insurance companies’ financial solvency
  • Effectively administer legislatively enacted programs to maximize benefits to consumers including: CHIP, adultBasic, Mcare, USTIF, WCSF and AutoCAT
  • Regulate insurance products for compliance
  • Advance consumer protection by administering licensing programs that promote professionalism and competency in the marketplace
  • Maximize assets and fairly administer receiverships
  • Enhance employees’ dedication to professional, honest, customer-focused service
  • Utilize technology to enhance efficiencies and improve customer services
  • Innovate to meet the changing financial services marketplace
Reporting to the insurance commissioner, the Office of Corporate and Financial Regulation, under the direction of a Deputy Insurance Commissioner, protects insurance consumers by requiring all insurance companies operating in Pennsylvania to maintain financial strength and stability. Currently, there are over 1,700 insurance companies licensed to conduct business in Pennsylvania.

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