Term Life Insurance

Monday, March 27, 2017
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Maryland Insurance Administration
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The Maryland Insurance Administration’s (MIA) goal is to provide fast, friendly, efficient, and effective service to the citizens and businesses of Maryland, both the purchasers of insurance and the insurance industry. The MIA best serves its two core constituents - the consumers and the sellers of insurance - by assuring fair treatment of consumers. Consumer protection begins by having insurance coverage available at fair prices and extends to issues of solvency and fair sales, claims and settlement practices. We at the MIA are concerned about all of these areas.

The Life & Health Section is composed of the Rates and Forms Review Unit, the Medical Director/Private Review Agent Oversight Unit, the Life & Health Complaint Unit, and the Appeals & Grievance Unit.

The Life & Health Complaint Unit is primarily responsible for investigating life and health insurance complaints filed by consumers and providers. The Appeals & Grievance Unit investigates health insurance complaints that are based on medical necessity.

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