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Monday, March 27, 2017
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The primary mission of the Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) is consumer protection through insurer solvency and market conduct regulation, and fraud prosecution and deterrence. We invite you to take the time to walk through and enjoy your visit as you learn more about us. Please contact us if we may assist you in any way.

Life & Health Division

The Life and Health Division of the Arkansas Insurance Department regulates life and health insurance in the State of Arkansas. To that end, this Division reviews forms, rates and advertising to ensure compliance with state law.

AID Consumer Brochures

The Arkansas Insurance Department takes very seriously its mission of “consumer protection.” We believe part of that mission is carried out when consumers are equipped to make informed decisions. The following brochures are designed to provide basic information. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact our Consumer Services Division at 1-800-852-5494, or email us by clicking here.

BasicShopping Basic Shopping Tips For Insurance Consumers
Provides general shopping tips to use when purchasing life, health, or property and casualty insurance.
BuyViatical Buying Viatical Settlements
Helps consumers understand the buying of viatical settlements and how the coverage works.
LifeGuide Insurance Buyer’s Guide (NAIC)
Explains the basic types of life insurance that are available and addresses how much insurance you need, provides definitions for policy terms, and how to find a good value in life insurance.
military Life Insurance Information For Military Personnel (NAIC)
Information and tips tailored to the unique challenges faced by U.S. military personnel and their families when purchasing life insurance.
SellingLifeSettlemen Selling Your Life Insurance Policy:
Understanding Life Settlements
Explains basic life settlements and your options concerning selling your life insurance policy.
English Español
SellingLifeSettlemen Selling Your Life Insurance Policy:
Understanding Viatical Settlements
Explains basic viatical settlements and the options you have concerning the sale of your life insurance policy,
English Español
Credit Understanding How Insurers Use Credit Information
Explains why and how insurers use credit information, how your credit history affects your insurance premiums, and potential ways to improve your credit score.
English Español

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