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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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Life Insurance on the Internet
How Buying Life Insurance Online Saves You Money, Privacy and Time

(ARA) - Purchasing a life insurance policy is serious business. Just considering life insurance says that you are becoming more responsible, and thinking about the value of your life and those who depend on you financially. A life insurance purchase says so much about you; the purchaser and the insured. You are spending money on something that is not in the best interest of you, but in the best interest of those that you love and care about. Many people want to buy life insurance but they do not know how to go about it, where to get the best rates and finally who to trust to advise them on this very important matter.

In the not-too-recent past, a life insurance purchase probably involved a visit from a friendly neighbor, former classmate, or church acquaintance who worked in the insurance industry. He or she came to the kitchen armed with a stack of forms, life insurance illustrations and the rate book. Sometimes for your trouble the life insurance agent gave you a ballpoint pen with his name on it.

While life insurance coverage may not have changed much over time, the way we shop for -- and buy -- policies certainly has changed.

In fact, according to International Data Corporation, a Massachusetts-based research firm, the Internet influences more than one in three insurance purchases, and predictions are that online insurance brokers will account for more than $10 billion dollars worth of business this year.

Perhaps you have asked yourself, which is the right way for me to buy? Who can I trust to make sure that I get the best price while at the same time the discretion necessary to protect my privacy and personal information? Which process is more convenient for me?

Working with a neighbor in the life insurance business is a fine way to solve a life insurance concern. Most local agents are captive, which means they represent one life insurance company and often write between 50 to 75 life insurance cases a year. They know the ins and outs of their particular company and can answer specific questions. And, you know you have a dedicated individual working on your behalf.

On the other hand, online life insurance companies represent multiple companies, which affords more choices for the consumer. Additionally, by dealing with multiple insurance carriers, online life insurance companies have the pulse on industry trends and can help the consumer decide which company might be a good fit for them based on their family history, physical characteristics and lifestyle.

One online life insurance company, ReliaQuote provides quotes and underwrites life insurance policies for thousands of customers a month.

“We give the customer a choice. Our instant quote engine provides an individual with quotes from numerous insurance plans along with the latest insurance company financial ratings. ReliaQuote gives you accurate quotes in real-time based on your health, avocations, and family history without the slightest pressure to buy,” states Will Jerro, president of ReliaQuote,” Additionally, by dealing with thousands of policies, we understand underwriting for bankruptcies, frequent speeding tickets, and health issues and can help move the customer to the best company for the lowest price.”

Another benefit of working with an online life insurance company is the amount of privacy it affords you. Initiating a life insurance policy involves sharing income data, height and weight, medical history, the health or early deaths of your parents, your travel history and driving record. Many people feel that such personal information is easier shared with a professional third party not the friend that they sit next to at the Little League game.

“The life insurance underwriting process by nature makes people feel vulnerable in many ways, because you are revealing a lot of very personal information,” says Jerro, “There is a greater sense of privacy when you deal with us because even though you are dealing with a real, live professional agent, you don't know us and we don't see you. Your information, although important and necessary to the process of underwriting is treated with the utmost discretion.”

Buying a life insurance policy through an online life insurance company can also save you time. With ReliaQuote in particular, a consumer can obtain a free, instant quote 24-hours a day through their online quote engine. Additionally, completing the application process only requires a phone call. Receiving a life insurance quote and completing an application with an independent agent often requires a face-to-face meeting, which is hard to do if you have a busy lifestyle.

Price, commitment, service and resources are some of the reasons why SmartMoney magazine rated ReliaQuote the number 1 online life insurance broker the very first year the company was in business. Additionally, Forbes.com rated ReliaQuote “Best of the Web” for Life Insurance a total of three times.

Whether you want to see exactly how much insurance you need to protect your family and exactly how much it will cost, or if you just want an insurance education, www.reliaquote.com provides consumers with a quick and convenient way to shop for – and purchase – life insurance 24 hours a day from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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