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Prudential Financial Companies, with approximately $630 billion in total assets under management as of December 31, 2005, serve individual and institutional customers worldwide and include The Prudential Insurance Company of America, one of the largest life insurance companies in the United States. Since 1875, Prudential Financial has helped people achieve financial security and peace of mind.

Policy Description Term Essential 
Term Essential is a budget-friendly entry into insurance, with premiums that remain the same during the initial period and an option to convert the term policy to a permanent one. Premiums remain the same for your choice of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. We guarantee it! If you continue coverage beyond the initial term, premiums are not guaranteed and will increase annually to age 95 (80 in New York), but will never be more than the maximum stated in the contract. Policy form numbers is PLTIC-2005.

Conversion Feature 
The policy can be converted to a permanent policy. Conversion is allowed anytime throughout the life of the policy either before the end of the level premium-paying period or until age 65, whichever is earlier. However, the conversion period will never be less than 5 years.

Available Options

Spousal Discount
Not Available

Children's Insurance Option (Additional Cost) 
The Children's Protection Rider provides level term insurance on the life of each covered child. The rider can be converted on or after the policy anniversary following the child's 18th, 22nd or 25th birthday as long as the rider is still in effect. This rider can also be converted to a permanent policy when its coverage expires. 

Accelerated Death Benefit
Availability Varies By State 

Waiver of Premium Option (Additional Cost) 
If the insured becomes disabled as defined in the benefit prior to the policy anniversary on or after the insured's 60th birthday, premiums will be waived as long as the insured continues to qualify as disabled. There will be no waiver if the insured becomes disabled on or after the insured's 60th birthday. Premiums for this benefit are payable until it terminates. 

Accidental Death Benefit Option (Additional Cost) 
If the death of the insured is accidental as defined in the benefit, coverage is provided equal to the face amount of the policy up to a maximum of $500,000. This coverage is effective to, but not beyond, the policy anniversary on or after the insured's 70th birthday. Premiums for this benefit are payable until it terminates.